IBM CMOD Installations that are ‘by the book’ often don’t take into consideration your unique situation -- or your potential for growth. Let’s build your system right the first time.


Mistakes can cost you a fortune in data recovery, or fines from regulatory agencies. Make sure that you get the most out of your investment in IBM CMOD with dynamic education from a consultant with over 20 years experience with over 100 CMOD customer sites.


If the worst should happen, Tenacious Consulting can help. With our intimate knowledge of the requisites and relationships between IBM CMOD and its components, we can get you back up and running quickly.


Keep your IBM CMOD system running smoothly with the latest versions of Content Manager OnDemand and its requisites.  Tenacious Consulting performs more than a dozen IBM CMOD upgrades per year.


Do you need a unique solution to a complex problem? Loading interesting data? Integration with legacy systems? Reconciliation with data stored in external systems? Automation of complex tasks?  Or building compatibilty layers with your enterprise software?  We can help.


Don’t rip and replace - optimize! Tenacious Consulting is uniquely qualified to tune IBM CMOD, DB2, Spectrum Protect (formerly) Tivoli Storage Manager, shell scripts, and operational processes to extend the useful life of your servers, and maximize your return on investment.


Do you need assistance complying with IT security requirements? Use our extensive knowledge of all of IBM CMOD’s components and functionality to meet your goals and prove compliance. 

System Health Check

Is your IBM CMOD server slow or unreliable, and has logs filled with warnings? In as little as two weeks, you can resolve problems, improve performance and increase user satisfaction with a System Health Check.  Our Health Checks use RAPTOR4 to provide insight beyond what even IBM can provide, and include a written report describing the findings, important highlights from the RAPTOR4 reports, and a timetable of improvements that need to be made in 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

Hardware Migrations

Switching Platforms? Outsourcing? Consolidating? Virtualizing? Nobody does Hardware Migrations better -- with dozens of successful moves completed, Tenacious Consulting has the tools and experience to make your migration successful.

Disaster Recovery

Nobody expects disasters. Use our expertise to design a recovery plan for your IBM CMOD system, or ensure your Disaster Recovery plans are complete. Highly redundant configurations are just one of our specialties!

Data Extraction & High Speed Ingestion

Need to get data into or out of your IBM CMOD server yesterday? Our custom extraction tool - RAPTOR Extractor (or “REx”) is so quick, you’ll practically hear the bits being ripped off your disks.

Do you need to load data instead? Our experience in optimizing CMOD for indexing and loading is your best bet to process 1TB per day or more.

Tenacious Consulting specializes in IBM Content Manager OnDemand Professional Services.

Tenacious Consulting Quebec Inc. is located in Montreal, Canada, and serves IBM Content Manager OnDemand customers worldwide!

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